Challenges We Solve

At Fidelity One Conferences we do things a little different and that little difference makes all the difference.

  • We're in the business of innovation!
  • We are in the business of winning!
  • We are in the business of believing that with the right planning and execution anything is possible!!!

Fidelity One Conferences is a boutique event organizer. We do not try to be all things to all people. We specialize in hosting intimate industry-specific Business Expositions,Training Classes, Seminars, Summits and Conferences geared towards creating educational and networking opportunities for C-Level Executives from Fortune 1000 Corporations, Large Government and Private Sector Organizations with a view to growing their respective businesses.

We also invite a select few Vendors to each event. These Suppliers are typically the leaders and innovators in their space and they attend to showcase their solutions in an informational and illuminating format via workshops and case study presentations with their end user clients. This formula creates maximum benefit for all the delegates involved to learn, network, exchange ideas and move their businesses forward with the best and the brightest minds in business today.

Through our innovative approach to program design and marketing techniques, we typically attract a motivated and intimate group of 80-100 Senior level Executives to our conferences. We aim for the right balance between end-users and suppliers at each event. Unlike many run of the mill Conference Organizers we ensure that our Speakers are cutting edge practitioners that can provide real life, first hand case studies on topics of interest to other Executives that wrestle with the very same issues. This bottom-line, action oriented focus enables our attendees to accelerate the learning curve and solve the business problems they face without having to "reinvent the wheel".

Program integrity-We also have a strict policy against vendor driven presentations which are only approved by Senior Management if the presentation will add value due to its uniqueness or some other over-riding factor or consideration.

Experience-With our many years of designing and coordinating successful Events, we will work as your extended marketing and sales team to bring together new clients, new relationships, new markets and new ideas.

This ability to sift through the clutter and ultimately contact and engage hard to reach Senior Managers, Executives, Principals and Directors at Large Corporations is our forte.

At Fidelity One Conferences, you will hear from industry leaders on what it’s like at the top, and from the new kids on the block about what’s current. 

A conference that hits the mark can strengthen relationships, create new ones, reward loyalty or help launch new products. We take care of every detail, to achieve the result you expect - remarkable, unique events and programs with maximum return on your investment.