Why Attend a FidelityOneConferences Event

10 Reasons to Attend a FidelityOneConferences Event

1. Highly Focused Program. Each conference/summit program is specifically targeted/focused on the market sector(s) and the topics that are important to you.

2. A-List Speakers. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from and interact with a diverse and influential line-up of speakers who offer their perspectives on the real challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

3. On-Site Networking Around Every Corner. Take advantage of formal and informal networking opportunities. Luncheons, coffee breaks, cocktail receptions.

4. Unparalleled Learning Environment From End User Practitioners. From industry leaders, emerging businesses, investors, big thinkers, end users, your customers, your suppliers, your peers, your competitors

5. Pre and Post-Conference Networking Resources. All attendees received a printed list of attendees. For online networking, connect with other attendees before the event and follow up with key contacts after the conference through our attendee networking portal.

6. Actionable Data and Analysis. FidelityOneConferences are focused on bottom-line benefits with analysts and end user C-Level Executives present their latest strategies/research findings and offer analysis and context for understanding the numbers.

7. Free Wi-Fi for Attendees. FidelityOneconference attendees are C-Level Executives. We understand that if you’re going to be away from the office for three days you have to be able to stay connected. We provide free Wi-Fi throughout the conference area, and an expanded laptop section so you’ll never run out of battery power when you need it most.

8. Experienced Conference Management with a Personal Touch. From pre-conference registration to all your on-site needs, FidelityOneConferences manages its conferences with the professionalism that comes with experience (more than 25 prior events), paying personal attention to each attendee, speaker and sponsor. Superior venue cities, superior conference hotels, and plentiful and delicious food and drink make our events as pleasant to attend as they are valuable to your business.

9. Real Value. Measurable ROI. We recognize the investment that executives make to attend our conferences—from registration and travel expenses to time and opportunity costs. That’s why we are committed to making FidelityOneconferences an investment that pays for itself—in the form of new business, information gathered, partnerships forged. We start with a great program filled with valuable content and tons of terrific speakers. We build in ample opportunity to network with customers, prospects and partners. Don’t expect to have any downtime. Our goal is that you come away from our conferences with the realization that the real opportunity cost would have been had you not attended.

10. Your Customers, Prospects and Competitors Will Be There. Do you really want to be absent when your customers, prospects and competitors come together in the networking-rich environment of a FidelityOneconference? Of course you don’t. Register today!